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   Donna Mason

Donna Mason

Careers Adviser - Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance & Development

Roding Valley High School, Essex

Often the challenges facing careers advisors is getting students to understand the skills they already have, what skills employers are looking for, how to develop those skills and then by joining up the dots how to link them to the employers who are seeking those skills.


Bragfolder enables students to showcase their talents and the valuable contribution they make themselves inside and outside of the classroom.  Many students participate in extra-curricular clubs and sports at school and it would not occur to them that by doing so they are already developing the skills required of them in the work place. 


Students are very keen to tell you they have nothing to put on their CV, however when you delve deeper and point out the extra responsibilities and challenges they may have taken on by becoming a House Captain or participating in one of the many school clubs and you explain how team work, communication and reliability is developed simply by attending these clubs they begin to understand how these skills are transferable and that these are the skills that employers are actually seeking.


So many of our students are always keen to help out at open evenings, showing parents and prospective students around and what they don’t always realise is that by doing so they are developing their communication and networking skills.  By adding this to their Bragfolder and perhaps receiving a recommendation confirming their participation will evidence how they go above and beyond.  This in itself shows commitment, reliability and respect for their school.  All key attributes that employers are looking for.


Bragfolder is a way of joining up the dots. It gives students an opportunity to showcase what they are doing.  It makes them understand how important it is to participate and get involved in school life and the community and this in turn helps them develop the key skills they require for a successful future in the world of work.  They have the opportunity to build a CV, research employers and the world of work, receive recommendations and apply for apprenticeships.


At Roding Valley we are always seeking ways in which to help our students stand out and develop the skills that they will need in a competitive world.  Bragfolder really enables them to do this in an easy format.  What they learn inside and outside of the classroom can be showcased as well as having the opportunity to explore apprenticeships and the world of work thus joining the dots all together.


Donna Mason is the Careers Leader at a Roding Valley High School in Essex. Donna has a Level 6 qualification in Career Guidance and Development as well as a Postgraduate Qualification in Careers Leadership.  Donna is a member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and on the national register of careers advisers.  She has been responsible for the delivery of Careers Information Advice and Guidance for the past 9 years for years 7-13.  Since 2010 the school has consistently achieved and been awarded the Quality in Careers Standard.