Bragfolder & the Gatsby Benchmarks

Helping you achieve the Gatsby benchmarks

Gatsby benchmarks are 8 guidelines that set out what makes the most effective careers provision within schools and colleges. By building a strong Bragfolder page, students will demonstrate how your school or college has achieved these benchmarks.


  • 1.     A stable careers programme
  • 2.     Learning from career and labour market information
  • 3.     Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • 4.     Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • 5.     Encounters with employers and employees
  • 6.     Experiences of workplaces
  • 7.     Encounters with further and higher education
  • 8.     Personal guidance


In addition, Bragfolder can play an integral part in helping your students benefit from them. Bragfolder is free, so there’s no contract or funding required.


You can get your students started on Bragfolder quickly and simply and use it to aid your careers provision as well as helping them to make informed career choices, and boost their own profile to employers.  So using Bragfolder helps you in achieving the Gatsby benchmarks as well as creating a modern career focused platform for your students.


Here are some of the ways that Bragfolder can benefit you in achieving the benchmarks….


Learning from labour market information           

Students will be able to access information on companies and opportunities open to them by viewing company pages. They’ll get an understanding of the roles available, as well as the salary structures and the future career path. They’ll also learn about the recruitment process and get an understanding of what each employer is looking for via articles and videos from the employers themselves. This is all year round, because for any student, we know the decision of which path to take isn’t made in an instant and is subject to change.


Linking curriculum learning to careers  

Bragfolder enables students to document and record field trips, performances, projects, sport, awards and much more. Long term achievement in STEM subject can be documented and used to demonstrate consistent learning ability. If a student is showing a keen interest in a subject and undertakes further independent study, this can be shown as part of their profile rather than being ignored in any recruitment process. Interest in specific areas such as art, science, drama, sport or IT can be brought to life in photos, videos and blogs.


Encounters with employers and employees      

Bragfolder gives your students a platform to record their encounters with employers. Users can document their understanding of what they’re learning and use the employer pages to build a wider industry knowledge. Bragfolder can help in learning about different industry sectors and the nature of individual roles by watching employee/employer videos from leading employers. Students also benefit from accessing employer open days and careers fairs all year round via the employer events function


Experiences of workplaces        

Your students can turn work experience from being ‘just work experience’ into being something that can benefit them later during the recruitment process for their chosen career. Showing interest and enthusiasm, being punctual, demonstrating the ability to learn and having a personality that fits a team environment, are the soft skills that future employers would look for. Bragfolder will enable students not only to record this experience through photos and recommendations etc, but also to tag it to their electronic CV and show potential employers that they value the learning/working experience. 


 Encounters with further and higher education 

Just as Bragfolder can link your students to first-hand information from employers, they can also look at colleges and universities, view courses and gain a greater understanding of further education via our Further Education directory. Using the events function, students will get notified of open days all throughout the year.



The digital platform offered by Bragfolder gives your students a real advantage in the early careers market. It’ll be helping you show that the Gatsby benchmarks are achieved and they’re making a real difference for your students. And it’ll cost nothing.


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