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A standout profile: Bragfolder is your digital CV, your photos, your recommendations, your job directory, all your good stuff, all in one place …and it’s NOT social media


An Interactive CV: No more boring one dimensional CV. Put your application ahead of the rest with a CV facility that's interactive and brings you and your career to life. Why just have a standard CV when you can have an interactive one that makes you really standout.


CV Builder: Not sure where to start with your CV? utilise our free CV Builder to create a standout CV, with a modern layout and you will increase your chances of being invited in for an interview


APP - Download your free Bragfolder APP on the App store or Google play store


Tops interview tips -You will have access to interview tips from leading employers and recruitment experts


Tips on creating the best CV's: Our experts will give you examples of the best stand out CV's to give you the best chance of success and to get you, above the competition, when you're looking for the right career move.


About Apprentice and Graduate Jobs: Details on what these types of roles are and how they will benefit you.


Apprentice and Graduate Directory: Access to our Apprentice and Graduate directory, to help you find the best opportunities and give you the best career choices


Higher Education Directory: Access to our higher education directory, for you to find the best courses from our Colleges and Universities in the UK.


Soft skills tips: Tips on showing off your soft skills, what they are, why employers need to see them, and how Bragfolder allows you to display them, like no CV or social networking site can. 

Privacy: Your profile and content is safe and secure. No one can see your profile/content unless you give them permission too